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Monday, June 5, 2017

Metaphysical Practitioner

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Never Forget Who You Are..

One of the saddest moments in life as a healer; is to know that someone you thought you could help... Turned out to be a complete fake. A true Narcissist.

Totally taken in by a facade has made me question who I am.. what's my purpose...

When in reality it is true that what you don't learn or repair, you get to redo....

So how many times in my life have I been taken advantage of???

Continuously... Because I am a Spiritual Healer; empath..  I believe in the good in everyone. I believe everyone can be saved...

Then I'm left to ask... Who's gonna save me??


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Friday, November 13, 2015

What Dreams May Come...

     It's really hard to believe that time flows so quickly.
What we know now, 20 years later, doesn't help to change anything.

     Have we made the same mistakes as our parents, or have we been a little wiser?
I certainly feel as though some things are or were generational just because the lack of knowledge. 

     A letter to the universe... tried that.  Forgiveness is divine but then out of the blue something hits you upside your head.  Why didn't I?  What stopped me?  Was it fate?  For whatever reason, that boat has sailed and there is no fixing it.

    You watch the world through diamond eyes, holding on to whatever light you can find. The darkness is devouring... Parts of yourself fleeing, just to withstand the turmoil.

    You turn to anything to numb the pain... To forget to feel... To forget the knowledge... There isn't any way to place any blame, other than on self.  You knew better.

Never ignore you first feeling, instinct... Never.